Messiah Lutheran Foundation


John Radway - Development Director

Ex Officio Members

Rev. John Kunze - Senior Pastor

Matt Stueber - Director of School Ministries

Erik Borgmeyer - Executive Business Director

Foundation Board Members

Dennis Brink - President

Mark Kisker - Vice President

Cory Bergt - Secretary/Treasurer

Phil Bangert

Jan Beck

Ben Buethe

Bob Caldwell

Darci Fanning

Ed Hoffman

Roger Johnson

John Miller

Diane Mendenhall

Living God's Legacy
Forged in Generosity



Out of hearts transformed, create a passionate financial legacy for bringing people to know, love, and follow Jesus to advance His kingdom to all future generations.


Through being faithful to God's Word in all things, helping people to "Know who God is." (God owns it all!) Ecclesiastes 5:15, 18-20


Cultivate and fulfill the passions of donors through their love of Christ to enhance God's ministries of Messiah and throughout the world.

The Messiah Lutheran Foundation offers assistance through a spiritual stewardship process clalled the Lifetime Plan for Giving™.  This planned giving journey incorporates personal, financial, stewardship and estate planning goals.